18 Ways to Spread the Word and Make a HUGE Difference for Invisible Illness Week

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It’s a 3-day weekend and some of you have written to me asking, “What can I do this weekend to help promote Invisible Illness Week?” Thank you! Here are some ideas to help us out by spreading the word. Pick and choose what comes easily to you… or maybe you’ve always wanted to figure out how to join Facebook or Digg? Now may just be the time!

Here are some ways you can help us inform others this weekend about II Week without even leaving your house!

  1. First, stop off here and rewrite some posts for your personal use. These are posts about Invisible Illness Week that you can copy and personalize.
  2. Post whereever you hang out. What social networks are you a part of? Facebook, My Space, Linked In, Ning.com, Yahoogroups, etc. Remember to make your posts personal and casual. This is a grassroots effort to help spread the word, not a sales pitch, so keep it friendly.
  3. What email newsletters have you received in the last month that are related to chronic illness issues? Go back through your deleted files and send off a personal note to the editor about Invisible Illness Week.
  4. Do you belong to any blog carnivals where they have the best posts of the week or the month? Be sure to email their editors and let them know about your post on invisble illness and send some information about the week.
  5. Write some “Digg” Reviews. On all our pages at www.invisibleillness.com on the left side, about half way down, you will see a “digg button.” Click it and write a review. This helps us gain a lot of exposure too!
  6. Join our Facebook group and email your other friends at Facebook
  7. Do you Twitter? Mention II week every few days for the next couple of weeks
  8. Here are another 6 ways we mentioned earlier this month
  9. Send out an email to everyone in your local support group. Encourage them to attend some of the 20 seminars.
  10. Email your friends and family and let them know about the week. Maybe write something personal about how you thought they may also know someone with an illness who would want to know about the free seminars. Who knows…? Maybe one of your healthy friends will check it out to better understand what you cope with!
  11. Do you have a web site? Reprint one (or more) of Lisa’s articles on your site/blog and start it off by writing something about Invisible Illness Week. Use one a day if you want! It’s guaranteed to bring some traffic to your site because they all will hit some Google alerts!
  12. Make sure to add the blogger badge to it!
  13. Do you like to write? Send something off to Associated Content (If you are a writer you should definately set up an account here!) If you want it to be more of a personal note, write it in an opionion Editorial style.
  14. Write a review of Beyond Casseroles. If you haven’t read it yet, you can read an excerpt from Google Books here. Your reviews help us rank higher in Amazon and thereby reach more people. We promote Beyond Casseroles: 505 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend as a great tool during II Week.
  15. Don’t forget to email your pastor, clergy or other religious leader about II Week and why you
    think people he cares about would benefit.
  16. Let your doctors and counselors know. A quick way to do this is write a brief note, print
    off the schedule of seminars
    and fax it to their office. If you order brochures we can still ship them out priority mail (3 days).
  17. Call your local newspaper and explain that Sept 8-14, 2008 is National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week. Pitch the idea that you will be participating in the 20 seminars/conference and that it’s an amazing opportunity for people with chronic illness, who can’t always travel or sit long, to be a part of this. Volunteer to share your story if they would like to do an article on your involvement (we have a few people who have already done this! Great job!)
  18. Write to “Dear Abby” at www.DearAbby.com (or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069). Check out our comments on two letters people just wrote to Dear Abby last week and her (less than perfect) responses… and our comments!



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I just sent off your press release to a local Connecticut Internet paper I write for and it has been published under the “Breaking News” section. If you or anyone else would like to look at it, go to http://www.peoplespressnews.com/Meriden_Blog. It’s a nice paper that has many readers and writers. Hope you all enjoy.


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